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What we do 

Mobile solutions and cloud computing for the energy industry. Our team has also developed the technology to give energy professionals across all industries the ability to update systems through field data capture, manage mobile workforce and keep tabs on production by extending company's existing systems and streamlining the way your team accesses and inputs data. Additionally we have created Power Markets, available on the App store (iOS) and Google Play (Android) that allows users to view US power markets data that can be seamlessly integrated in with your company data - all on one app. Volatix is leading the way on mobile energy trading risk management and commodities trading risk management. 

Track positions, portfolio valuations, market prices and forward curves. 

For Utilities: Keep tabs on generation plans, substation operations, maintenance dispatch and shadow settlements. 

For Oil and Gas Companies:  Increase efficiency by creating great visibility of data between you corporate and mobile workforce. See field data for wellheads, gathering systems and pipelines as it is entered, no downtime waiting for systems to update

For Refineries and Terminal Operators: Improve communication between terminal operations, storage and transport teams. 


Powered by the Cloud

Volatix delivers a completely customized way for you to view your organizational data powered by Microsoft Azure cloud -- a secure private Infrastructure for you, managed by us. Essentially giving your team instantaneous access to company data without the upkeep of managing updates and troubleshooting. 

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View Your Corporate Data on your Phone

Power Markets Enterprise gives you secure accessibility to you company's data. Volatix provides a simplified way  to connect to your data. Building your own mobile solution can cost to hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars, not to mention the manpower required to build implement and manage an in-house mobile solution. Let Volatix do the heavy lifting. Eliminate undue risks, complexities, time and cost.   

A Mobile Solution with Enterprise Capabilities 

Volatix can have your data streaming quickly, and once your company’s information is streaming to mobile devices, we will manage all updates and maintenance. Mobile is the best way to capture field data and maintain workflows. Mobile devices have capabilities that are not available using a laptop or pen and paper.

  • Mobile devices are geographically aware
  • Mobile device enable users to point click and send images
  • Mobile devices do not require an internet connection to retrieve data  

Volatix knows you work hard to give your employees access to the data they need. Let us optimize and extends your existing corporate systems to give your workforce a mobile solution. We know that your team will not have an emergency situation every day, but we want to help mitigate the damage and downtime to your production when something unexpected does happen. 

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Benefits of Deploying a Mobile Solution: 

The energy industry is diverse, and that is why Volatix has created a solution that is flexible enough to serve the unique needs of our clients.


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