Corporate Energy Consumption

5 Surefire Tips to Reduce your Corporate Energy Consumption

Reducing your corporate energy consumption does not only reduce your costs. It also frees your capital to be invested elsewhere. Electricity, along with water and gas, can be costly – especially if you are working long days. To reduce your business energy, there are a number of factors you need to consider, including the needs of your employees and your customers. Assessing these allows you to make a plan that will help you cut your energy costs when you need it the most.

  • Educate your staff of the benefits of saving energy. Leaving your computer turned on overnight for a year produces enough carbon dioxide to fill a double decker bus. But, computers aren’t the only culprit in your increasing energy costs. Printers, monitors, power leads and phone chargers also play a great part. Make sure you unplug these machines to avoid electrical leakage. Highlight the consequences of your employees’ habits to make it easier for them to change their energy habits.
  • Research about the benefits of switching devices. LCD monitors are now three times more efficient than old monitors. Plus, they can be boosted further by turning down brightness down to 70% – which saves 20% more energy than when running in 100%. Mobile devices are also a great help as they cut the need to use energy needlessly. Because they have less processing power requirements, they use less energy than desktop machines.
  • Incentivize energy savings. Once your staff are educated of the benefits of saving energy, it’s time to reward those who reduce consumption the most. You can also offer a company-wide reward if the general usage drops.
  • Upgrade your building infrastructure. In spite of considerable habit changes, if your corporate energy consumption is still high, the issue may lie in the fact that your office is inefficient itself. Switch to more efficient electrical devices and consider your building’s heating and cooling, lighting, and external and glazing layout.
  • Monitor and analyze your corporate energy consumption. Energy is the biggest cost area for companies. Thus, it should be monitored and managed carefully. You need the right energy data to make appropriate action. If you know your energy usage, you can find ways to reduce it.

To reduce your corporate energy consumption, there is more than one thing you can change in your company. You need to inform your staff, consider switching devices and upgrade your building infrastructure. But before you can do all these, you need to know your energy usage. Volatix allows you to view your organizational data on your phone, and manages all updates and maintenance. We help mitigate the damage and downtime to your production when something unexpected happens. Learn more about us here.

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