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Internet of Energy

Internet of Energy: Cleaner and More Efficient Energy Production

Internet of Energy or IoE is the upgrading and automating of electricity infrastructures as a result of the growing number of connected devices, sensors and machines. It puts more power on the hands of the consumers and produces cleaner and more efficient energy. Although data within the IoE is growing at exponential rates, most of them are traditionally siloed across business units. Extracting these data and putting them to work can help companies gain insight and allow them to transform into a collaborative system.

Here are the 4 silos in the energy sector:

  • Generation. The first major silo is dependent on the work of turbines, with even the slightest disruption in their moving parts resulting to power loss, unscheduled downtime, safety concerns and many more. An energy solution can prevent unplanned downtime and catastrophic breakdowns. It can analyze data and provide insights, so companies can continue to improve their energy efficiency measures.
  • Transmission and Distribution. A mobile technology solution can play a key role in energy disaggregation, power voltage instability monitoring, and grid maintenance by creating efficiencies in expenses and operations. It analyzes data to classify and predict failures in advance. The right solution can see correlations in the data that leads to new discoveries.
  • Cybersecurity. The right technology can identify, categorize and combat various industrial threats. It can automate the research process, prioritize threats based on confidence, and display corroborating evidence to reduce overall risk.
  • Energy Trading and Risk Management. This is the fourth major silo in the energy sector. With accurate forecasting, utilities can offer better pricing to consumers. An energy mobile solution can provide insight to this process. Since utility companies are constantly facing volatile commodity prices, they need to develop methods for market and credit risk aggregation.

Analytics play an important role in how energy is produced and provided to consumers. By improving the sharing of data across these four major silos, companies can reap the wealth of new knowledge. And by leveraging an energy mobile technology solution, they can provide more value in the Internet of Energy. Click here to check out our solutions.     

Mobile Energy Management Systems

Mobile Energy Management Systems: How Do They Work?

Reducing your energy consumption can be accomplished in many ways. You can improve your home or office’s ability to retain heat or cold through good insulation, double-paned glass and other similar efforts. Installing solar panels can also lessen your energy use. Most of all, as part of managing your energy use, you need to know how much energy you are using. Your monthly bill may not tell you the full details, but mobile energy management systems can.

A smart meter can get much more information about your electrical usage than a traditional meter. It provides breakdowns of usage and rates down to the last minute – which can be useful for consumer and utilities alike. To fully take advantage of the benefits of this smart tech, you need mobile energy management systems that capture data and manage your workflows. By having access to detailed reports, you can see if your appliances should be running less frequently or only when they’re full.

How do mobile energy management systems work?

  • Displays current energy use, current cost of energy, projected bill and resulting savings compared to previous month
  • Informs how much energy is used in near real-time
  • Updates information regarding electricity use to reduce demand, save money and form new habits
  • Offers energy-saving tips and information on power outages
  • Remotely reduce supply of energy to heating and air conditioning systems during peak demand periods
  • Access and analyze demand data from electricity meters

Why should you choose mobile? Unlike desktop computers, Smartphones are continuously used to view e-mails, play games, make calls and read news. You have the information you need right inside your pocket. Mobile devices are geographically aware. They enable users to point click and send messages. They do not require internet connection to retrieve data. In other words, you and your employees have access to your organizational data anytime, anywhere.

Volatix offers mobile energy applications that give you secure accessibility to your company’s data. We understand that building your own mobile solution can cost hundreds to thousands of dollars – not to mention the manpower required to implement and manage an in-house solution. That’s why we offer a simplified way to connect your data without the upkeep of managing updates and troubleshooting. By tracking analyzing energy use, you can find ways to improve efficiency of your existing appliances. Click here to learn more.

Energy Mobile Technology

Power your Workforce with Energy Mobile Technology

In today’s world, challenges will always be a part of utility companies. Business owners should move toward a more mobile workforce to drive productivity and create efficiencies in operations. Your technical field staff and sales staff should be able to carry out more tasks using their mobile devices. By using energy mobile technology, you can reduce fuel and maintenance costs, automate processes, and track your assets more accurately.

Energy mobile technology can address several challenges behind fuel and maintenance costs. They include:

  • Inefficient Routing. Customer service is a top priority for utility companies. If it’s the same for you, you need to make sure all your personnel, equipment and trucks are where they should be on schedule. An energy mobile technology combined with real-time traffic data coordinates help. It identifies technicians nearest to the location of your customers.
  • Dispatch Issues. An integrated dispatch technology provides you with a map of your field assets, increasing productivity and creating a safer environment for them.
  • Vehicle Health. Bad weather, driver behavior and harsh road conditions can also take a toll on vehicle health and drive fuel and maintenance costs. Through a mobile technology, operators can track vehicle speed, mileage, brake usage, maintenance records and other performance indicators to help you make cost-saving decisions related to maintenance.
  • Paper-based Reporting. Utility industry is fast-paced. To stay on top, you should be able to operate efficiently. A mobile solution frees your staff from completing lengthy hand-written reports. Paperless reporting empowers field technicians – something that can only be achieved with a mobile device and service.

Energy mobile technology gives your field staff the ability to report onsite information electronically from any location. It eliminates the tedious task of completing written forms and travelling from one point to another. It also reduces fuel costs significantly. Your staff no longer have to deliver handwritten reports to the shop. With less paperwork and lesser manual processes, they have more time to focus on core responsibilities and provide better customer service.

If you are looking for ways to improve productivity and reduce expenses, consider an energy mobile technology.  Volatix delivers sophisticated mobile solutions to help you manage your assets and make informed decisions. We help you make better decisions and provide the best customer service. We help you become more efficient. Click here to learn more about our solutions.    

Corporate Energy Consumption

5 Surefire Tips to Reduce your Corporate Energy Consumption

Reducing your corporate energy consumption does not only reduce your costs. It also frees your capital to be invested elsewhere. Electricity, along with water and gas, can be costly – especially if you are working long days. To reduce your business energy, there are a number of factors you need to consider, including the needs of your employees and your customers. Assessing these allows you to make a plan that will help you cut your energy costs when you need it the most.

  • Educate your staff of the benefits of saving energy. Leaving your computer turned on overnight for a year produces enough carbon dioxide to fill a double decker bus. But, computers aren’t the only culprit in your increasing energy costs. Printers, monitors, power leads and phone chargers also play a great part. Make sure you unplug these machines to avoid electrical leakage. Highlight the consequences of your employees’ habits to make it easier for them to change their energy habits.
  • Research about the benefits of switching devices. LCD monitors are now three times more efficient than old monitors. Plus, they can be boosted further by turning down brightness down to 70% – which saves 20% more energy than when running in 100%. Mobile devices are also a great help as they cut the need to use energy needlessly. Because they have less processing power requirements, they use less energy than desktop machines.
  • Incentivize energy savings. Once your staff are educated of the benefits of saving energy, it’s time to reward those who reduce consumption the most. You can also offer a company-wide reward if the general usage drops.
  • Upgrade your building infrastructure. In spite of considerable habit changes, if your corporate energy consumption is still high, the issue may lie in the fact that your office is inefficient itself. Switch to more efficient electrical devices and consider your building’s heating and cooling, lighting, and external and glazing layout.
  • Monitor and analyze your corporate energy consumption. Energy is the biggest cost area for companies. Thus, it should be monitored and managed carefully. You need the right energy data to make appropriate action. If you know your energy usage, you can find ways to reduce it.

To reduce your corporate energy consumption, there is more than one thing you can change in your company. You need to inform your staff, consider switching devices and upgrade your building infrastructure. But before you can do all these, you need to know your energy usage. Volatix allows you to view your organizational data on your phone, and manages all updates and maintenance. We help mitigate the damage and downtime to your production when something unexpected happens. Learn more about us here.

energy data

The Main Reason Why Businesses Don’t Track their Energy Data

Most successful companies track and manage their data. They measure key performance indicators such as sales conversion rates, gross margin and many more. Most of them also use software to manage their data. However, fewer companies track and measure their energy data. Although electricity is a top five operating expense, they think that they can do little to control it. Unlike other operating expenses, energy is still misunderstood and questioned.

Electricity is important for businesses to operate, but it can also be confusing. It is made of thousands of potential combinations and almost always vary from one utility to another. Bills are often based on a combination of these:

  • Peak demand
  • Power factor
  • Time of energy use
  • Total kilowatt-hour consumption
  • Load factor
  • Fuel surcharges
  • Taxes
  • Renewable or energy efficiency programs
  • Fixed customer charges

Many people don’t even know half of these terms. Because they don’t understand their energy data or how much money they could save by tracking and taking control, they skip monitoring it.

Another reason why they don’t track their energy data is the lack of technology before. Utilities seldom offer their customers the capability to track their energy usage in real-time because they want to sell more electricity – not less. Tracking energy in real-time was limited to companies with expensive management systems. Thanks to the advancement in technology, measuring energy data has become easier and cheaper.

What’s the solution?

Volatix allows you to view your corporate data on your phone. We provide a simplified way to connect to your data. Building your own mobile solution can be very expensive, so we do the heavy-lifting for you. You don’t have to look for manpower to implement and manage your own in-house solution. We manage everything, including updates and troubleshooting.

Energy can be tracked and controlled. So, you should get the right solution as foundation to your energy strategy. Choose Volatix to capture your energy data and help you find ways to reduce the amount of energy you spend. As a result, you’ll get annual savings and validate your ROI. Find out more about our solutions here.