Mobile Energy Management Systems

Mobile Energy Management Systems: How Do They Work?

Reducing your energy consumption can be accomplished in many ways. You can improve your home or office’s ability to retain heat or cold through good insulation, double-paned glass and other similar efforts. Installing solar panels can also lessen your energy use. Most of all, as part of managing your energy use, you need to know how much energy you are using. Your monthly bill may not tell you the full details, but mobile energy management systems can.

A smart meter can get much more information about your electrical usage than a traditional meter. It provides breakdowns of usage and rates down to the last minute – which can be useful for consumer and utilities alike. To fully take advantage of the benefits of this smart tech, you need mobile energy management systems that capture data and manage your workflows. By having access to detailed reports, you can see if your appliances should be running less frequently or only when they’re full.

How do mobile energy management systems work?

  • Displays current energy use, current cost of energy, projected bill and resulting savings compared to previous month
  • Informs how much energy is used in near real-time
  • Updates information regarding electricity use to reduce demand, save money and form new habits
  • Offers energy-saving tips and information on power outages
  • Remotely reduce supply of energy to heating and air conditioning systems during peak demand periods
  • Access and analyze demand data from electricity meters

Why should you choose mobile? Unlike desktop computers, Smartphones are continuously used to view e-mails, play games, make calls and read news. You have the information you need right inside your pocket. Mobile devices are geographically aware. They enable users to point click and send messages. They do not require internet connection to retrieve data. In other words, you and your employees have access to your organizational data anytime, anywhere.

Volatix offers mobile energy applications that give you secure accessibility to your company’s data. We understand that building your own mobile solution can cost hundreds to thousands of dollars – not to mention the manpower required to implement and manage an in-house solution. That’s why we offer a simplified way to connect your data without the upkeep of managing updates and troubleshooting. By tracking analyzing energy use, you can find ways to improve efficiency of your existing appliances. Click here to learn more.


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