Energy Mobile Technology

Power your Workforce with Energy Mobile Technology

In today’s world, challenges will always be a part of utility companies. Business owners should move toward a more mobile workforce to drive productivity and create efficiencies in operations. Your technical field staff and sales staff should be able to carry out more tasks using their mobile devices. By using energy mobile technology, you can reduce fuel and maintenance costs, automate processes, and track your assets more accurately.

Energy mobile technology can address several challenges behind fuel and maintenance costs. They include:

  • Inefficient Routing. Customer service is a top priority for utility companies. If it’s the same for you, you need to make sure all your personnel, equipment and trucks are where they should be on schedule. An energy mobile technology combined with real-time traffic data coordinates help. It identifies technicians nearest to the location of your customers.
  • Dispatch Issues. An integrated dispatch technology provides you with a map of your field assets, increasing productivity and creating a safer environment for them.
  • Vehicle Health. Bad weather, driver behavior and harsh road conditions can also take a toll on vehicle health and drive fuel and maintenance costs. Through a mobile technology, operators can track vehicle speed, mileage, brake usage, maintenance records and other performance indicators to help you make cost-saving decisions related to maintenance.
  • Paper-based Reporting. Utility industry is fast-paced. To stay on top, you should be able to operate efficiently. A mobile solution frees your staff from completing lengthy hand-written reports. Paperless reporting empowers field technicians – something that can only be achieved with a mobile device and service.

Energy mobile technology gives your field staff the ability to report onsite information electronically from any location. It eliminates the tedious task of completing written forms and travelling from one point to another. It also reduces fuel costs significantly. Your staff no longer have to deliver handwritten reports to the shop. With less paperwork and lesser manual processes, they have more time to focus on core responsibilities and provide better customer service.

If you are looking for ways to improve productivity and reduce expenses, consider an energy mobile technology.  Volatix delivers sophisticated mobile solutions to help you manage your assets and make informed decisions. We help you make better decisions and provide the best customer service. We help you become more efficient. Click here to learn more about our solutions.    

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